I can’t explain how amazing it is to really feel like you have a team behind you – having people who really are there to support your journey and to support you as an individual not just as a YouTube creator is invaluable.

I absolutely love working with Liz and Cathy and the rest of the team over at Kin, they have been nothing but supportive to me, I love all of the conversations that we have, I love all of the ideas that they bring my way and I really do feel like I have a really supportive group of people behind me. Honestly, I don’t think that I would be as inspired to continue to do this without them!


Working with Kin has been an absolute honour – they know more about what’s going on with my YouTube Channel than me! They are always so incredibly supportive and encouraging in helping me create content. They really respect that I am a creator and I thrive best when left to my own creative devices because that is when my message can come out authentically; it comes out in my own voice and my own style and that allows my passion for the subject that I am talking about to shine to my audience.


I love working with Kin because they understand me as a creator and what I want for my brand. They are an expert in the industry, so they are my go to support system when anything comes up.

- Tina Yong

Being part of Kin has been such a wonderful experience. I’m simply amazed by the kindness, encouragement and unlimited support they have given me throughout this journey.

- Shyma Hassan, AllNatural28

I started working with Kin right when I started my YouTube channels. I dreamed of a comfortable, friendly, super supportive, and equal partnership with an MCN but I wasn’t sure one existed that could be this perfect. Well Kin is that MCN and I’m so thankful they believed in me and wanted to be part of this adventure!

- Lauren Toyota, hotforfoodblog

We aren’t just building a YouTube channel, we’re building a successful multi-platform experience and Kin gets that! They allow us to be completely creative and inspired in making our content, while bringing forward great opportunities to work with brands and fantastic support, encouragement and industry insight along the way.

- How To Cake It

Every creator and channel is unique, and from our first meeting with Kin I felt that the team took the time to understand my channel and the things that are important to me and to my audience. I look forward to continuing to grow my channel within the Kin and to developing some really exciting new content together!

- RachhLoves

There are so many goals and projects I have wanted to start for a while now  – cookbook, website, new series, etc. — and Kin was most excited to partner with me on these. Also, their contract wasn’t a scam like a lot of other networks. They are a group of really good, honest and motivated people who want to help others succeed.

- Rosanna Pansino

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